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My First Real Drone Footage

Category Drone

Published by Dawn Simonelli | 7 March 2020

Hermitage Notre Dame de La Pene

Well now I know how a Himalayan Sherpa's donkey feels! Loaded with backpack, two cameras, gimbal and drone equipment I crawled up (literally) the rocky route to reach a very remotely placed ancient Hermitage. The views are terrific once you get there and you can understand why they built in such out of the way settings......literally to be 'out of the way' from the rest of the uncivilised world. It is still a place of pilgrimage for those looking to receive a few indulgences for making the effort.
I had to cut a lot out of the video because hubby decided to squat himself down right in the middle of my scene and proceeded to make a telephone call which kinda spoilt my medieval cinematic attempt. Nonetheless, the first result is very short but sweet so you shouldn't have time to yawn!