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That Was The Easy Bit!

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Published by Dawn Simonelli | 17 July 2019

DGAC Drone Telepilot Theory Exam, Toulouse Airport

Well, the big day arrived and off we went to Toulouse Airport to sit the Theory Examination for my Telepilote de Drone Licence. The exam is taken on a computer and basically you have the choice of little boxes to tick as your response to the question. The atmosphere is very strict and the exam must be carried out in absolute silence and your every cough is recorded on camera. No telephones, calculators, Apple watches or other trickery frippery is allowed and you only get one sheet of paper and a pencil to work out any calculations! 60 questions in one and a half-hours and all in French! Good grief, what was I thinking of?
I was absolutely dreading the possibility of looking at 60 questions that I hadn't covered........and I was right! Well at least 8 could have been written in Russian for all I could make out.......what on earth was a 'nacelle'.
50 minutes later I walked out still trying to remember where I had heard the word 'nacelle' before!
The one good (or bad) thing is that they don't keep you in torment. You get your result straight away and 10 days later your certificate is delivered.
4 months of preparation stood me in good stead.......I can now strip down an aero engine, read a Metar, Taf, and any other Notice to Air Men that you give me and recognise a Cumulonimbus when I see it! Can I fly a drone? That you'll find out in my next blog................. and if I eventually found out what you do with a 'nacelle'!
So here is our victory photo taken when we came out the exam centre at the airport. My fellow dronies at Dronefly........Romain, Me and Arnaud.....I'm the spotty one!