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Published by Dawn Simonelli | 20 June 2019

Part 1...You’re a What?

Who’d have thought it? The idea was to use some drone shots in my website to add another dimension to my photography! I didn’t realise how difficult that might be or how much was involved. After all, you only have to push a joystick up or down and wiggle them around and this very expensive piece of plastic will fly...! Or will it?

Thankfully the above was a faulty drone and was replaced, albeit 3 months later. In the meantime new ‘drone laws’ were being put into place in France. The word must have gotten out that I was in possession of a new drone and could present a health and safety issue to the French. So after much gnashing of proverbial teeth (or what was left of them) I decided that if I wanted to use my videos and photos from drone footage I would have to undertake some kind of flight training followed by an examination by the Civil Aviation Authorities (DGAC). Of course, hubby thought I was demented which was in itself good enough reason to find someone capable of teaching me what I needed to know in order to sit the exam. Easier said than done!