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Up before Dawn!

Category Drone sunrise video

Published by Dawn Simonelli | 31 August 2020

Sunrise and Sunset

Well, you may know that I am not one for getting out of bed too early. My mother had a great sense of humour when she named me ‘Dawn’...I think she must have been clairvoyant. As a child, I was always hanging onto the side of the bed, gripping the sheets in a desperate attempt not to be torn from my nice cozy slumber. Since COVID and no tourism, life has allowed me the luxury of more snooze time but if you want to catch the worm you have to be an early bird...or so they say.

So, armed with my two drones, camera, gimbal and umpteen other ‘can’t do without’ accessories off I went for a short drive to a beautiful area of the surrounding hillside for a hopefully stunning sunrise. I wasn’t disappointed! It was short but spectacular.

See what you think! Enjoy the moment.