Hi there, my name is Dawn Simonelli. Not really sure how I ever began my photographic journey. It just happened all of a sudden! One day, travelling home to France, I had some time to spare at the airport. Being a bit of a Mrs Gadget, I wandered into Dixons Duty Free... and walked out with a Canon 550D not quite sure what I was going to do with it. All I knew was I was going to have some fun!
That was in 2011 and I have been having fun ever since. I have upgraded that camera a number of times and love experimenting with today’s new technology.

Autoportrait in Iceland 2018

On the Road

I have been in the travel business for most of my working life. I think most people wouldn’t call it a ‘real job’ but a ‘dream job’. What a wonderful opportunity it has given me to explore the world. Of course, in the beginning I never imagined that chaperoning a multitude of people from around the world could be so much fun and that they would actually pay me for doing it!

Today’s Photography

Comparing then and now, it is interesting to see how the use of media in all its forms has revolutionised the simple holiday snap. Unlike now, there was no instant share or the obligatory selfie. They were mainly ‘Kodak Moments’ and you had to wait until they were developed to see how bad they were! The era of Digital Photography heralded something really exciting. All you had to do was figure out what all the knobs and dials did, translate the jargon and click the button. Easy...?

My Mentors

The internet is flooded with information on everything you need to become an overnight Ansel Adams (I joke) it is difficult to know where to begin. I felt a bit like a sponge trying to soak it all up until I came across Mike Browne on You Tube ( and couldn’t believe my luck. His teaching style was just my cup of tea! Since my first stumbling upon him I have taken several of his courses and really learnt so much.

Autoportrait behind the lens

As much as photography is my passion, I have to be realistic! There are so many talented photographers whose energy and enthusiasm leaves me in awe but getting up in the dark and hiking up the side of a mountain before breakfast is not for me. I’m afraid I will have to leave that to the Thomas Heatons and Andrew Marrs of this world. Whilst their enthusiasm is infectious and their photography just ‘stunnin’ I am seriously allergic to mornings that start too early!

Finding my Niche

I haven’t really settled on one particular style or genre of photography. However, I am finding ‘event photography’ to be very interesting and challenging as well as exhausting!
I hope you enjoy browsing through my portfolio. Any constructive criticism is very welcome and I would love you to leave your comments. Thanks for taking the time to visit.



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